Keyless Access Security

Manage all your locks from anywhere

KAS cloud is your digital security solution made for any business or home. Effortlessly and securely manage access to your locks from anywhere using your computer or smart phone. You can also issue smartcards or pin code access. Ideally suited for all requirements from large hotels to residential scenarios, we have your solution right here.

Get 30 days free trial with KASaccess online console, when you purchase one of our locks or access controls.

Secure smart phone access

Use your smartphone to unlock your secured areas. Grant access to Guests or Staff and set date and time restrictions.

Card, FOB or PIN access

Program multiple locks to read RFID cards and FOB, and / or unlock using PIN codes

Tools to Manage

KASaccess is your complete lock management app. Providing tools for everyday operations, and for any secured access scenario.